A Toolkit for Implementing Two-Generation Postpartum Care
How Two-Gen Works: Key Workflows

Intake and Comprehensive Screenings

At UI Health

During intake, the UI Health Two-Gen provider team conducts an initial comprehensive screening to identify behavioral health and social service needs, including issues such as interpersonal violence, mental health history, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use, discrimination, neighborhood safety, family planning, and health-related social needs. The responses to these intake screenings form the basis of the family’s care plan developed by the UI Health Two-Gen team. UI Health Two-Gen Screening questions incorporate or are adapted from several established tools, including:

At Your Organization

During intake, healthcare organizations might offer patients a visual diagram with descriptions of the care team and the services provided to best orient and empower them to seek needed support.

There are multiple tools and instruments that healthcare organizations can utilize to screen mothers and families for behavioral and social needs. These screenings can be provided in person, via phone, asynchronously, or in some combination.

The delivery of Two-Gen care and its associated screenings is aligned with many of the standard measures collected by many health care organizations, increasing the feasibility of conducting such screenings. (Note: Federally Qualified Health Centers and other healthcare organizations report on various sets of quality measures, including the HRSA Uniform Data Set (UDS) for FQHCs and look-alikes, the Core set of Adult and Child Health Measures for Medicaid and CHIP, and Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information (HEDIS) measures for health plans.)


What screenings are typically conducted with postpartum patients at your healthcare organization?

What screenings and/or population-specific questions could be added to the current screenings for postpartum families in your organization to ensure a more comprehensive assessment of needs? How and when might those be conducted?

Does your organization have the capacity to address the results of the screening or have partnerships with community- based resources to connect patients?

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