A Toolkit for Implementing Two-Generation Postpartum Care
Two-Gen Care Delivery Components

Patient Education

At UI Health

All mothers receive health education from nurses, including information about urgent postpartum warning signs and instructions about seeking immediate healthcare if any of these warning signs occur. Families also receive education regarding safe sleep practices, infant feeding, and many other key child development and childcare topics. Educational topics often covered in UI Health Two-Gen include:

At Your Organization

PCPs and other providers at your organization offering dyadic care should be able to 
identify and prioritize the educational needs for families and provide education or 
resources on those topics. Some suggested patient education materials that can be 
used as is or adapted and provided to families during postpartum visits or maintained on your organizational website can be found at: https://linktr.ee/ipromoteil.


Who in your organization provides health education to adult patients? To caregivers of infants and small children?

What education is currently provided to patients regarding maternal health, infant feeding and safety, parenting education, and other relevant topics?

Are there individuals in these roles in your organization who have knowledge and passion for maternal and child health education?

At what moments within the delivery of care to mothers and infants might additional education be introduced?

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