A Toolkit for Implementing Two-Generation Postpartum Care
Two-Gen Care Delivery Components

Behavioral Health

At UI Health

Comprehensive behavioral health services are available for families and include psychiatry, counseling, social support, and psychoeducation for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of behavioral and mental health conditions.

Licensed clinical social workers provide screenings, referrals, and psychotherapy services for patients with needs such as depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, relationship issues, or substance abuse. When needed, a telehealth-based psychiatrist provides real-time psychiatric evaluation, services, and medication management to patients. 

At Your Organization

Not all healthcare organizations can offer patients ready access to psychiatric services. Connecting families with social workers or other behavioral health workers can help families either receive counseling directly or get connected to community behavioral health resources such as mental health providers, rehab centers, or technology-based self-paced programs. Telehealth visits may also offer access to non-local providers and make behavioral health services more accessible for patients.  


What is your organization’s behavioral health provider complement? 

What mental or behavioral health offerings are currently available for your organization’s patients? 

Do any behavioral health providers in your organization have a passion for maternal and infant health care who may be champions of an integrated approach to care?    

What behavioral health assessments are currently built into visits for parents of infants and young children? Would it be possible to add such assessments to standard practice for postpartum mothers and infants?

What community or other clinical partners are available who can provide behavioral and mental health support and services for mothers, infants, and families? 

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