A Toolkit for Implementing Two-Generation Postpartum Care
How Two-Gen Works: Key Workflows

Care Team Meetings, Training, and Clinical Support

At UI Health

All members of the UI Health Two-Gen team meet weekly to discuss updates and care plans for Two-Gen families. A list of families is continuously developed, maintained, and reviewed. Families who would benefit from this type of clinic model are those with significant medical or social needs that affect their ability to receive care, such as severe clinical depression or child developmental delays requiring early intervention. These weekly team meetings enable a true team-based care approach.

Many UI Health Two-Gen families have complex needs that require a variety of therapeutic techniques and strategies. Consequently, UI Health Two-Gen team members also receive individual and group training on topics such as maternal health, child development, trauma-informed care, and motivational interviewing. UI Health Two-Gen personnel also receive access to counseling.

At Your Organization

Regular meetings and/or open communication channels among team members to discuss families facilitates team-based care and ensure families’ needs are met. If the personnel at your healthcare organization can’t meet regularly to discuss the needs of postpartum families, prioritization may be necessary to ensure the needs of the most complex families are communicated between team members. If needed, this communication could be asynchronous.

Personnel should receive/have extensive training in maternal and infant health and the specific needs and challenges of the postpartum population they are serving. In addition, team members should receive additional training in mental health, trauma-informed care, motivational interviewing, and implicit bias.


How do clinical care and other providers in your healthcare organization communicate and collaborate across disciplines?

Do providers at your healthcare organization have the capacity to meet regularly to review care plans and communicate about the needs of Two-Gen patients?

How does your healthcare organization provide training on new substantive content?

Who helps to support the implementation of new programs or initiatives?

How does your healthcare organization train and disseminate new approaches and workflows to clinical providers and other personnel? Who in your organization might direct, facilitate, or coordinate these activities?

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