A Toolkit for Implementing Two-Generation Postpartum Care

What is UI Health Two-Gen?

UI Health Two-Gen is a high-touch postpartum care model that combines dyadic care and collaborative care for families. The purpose of this care model is to provide families that have experienced a recent birth a place for integrated, continuous care for both mother, infant, and in some cases, other children, and partners/fathers. UI Health Two-Gen is based on two fundamental pillars: 

Dyadic Care

Mothers are often more likely to bring their infants for well-child visits than to attend their own postpartum care visit. Because mothers are already regularly attending well-child visits, UI Health Two-Gen uses this opportunity to provide care and support for mothers by creating co-scheduled and co-located visits. While dyadic care implies care for the mother and infant, UI Health Two-Gen recognizes that the health of the entire family is closely intertwined, and the clinics often provide care for partners, siblings, and other family members. 

Collaborative Care

Behavioral health services and support for social needs are both key to improving postpartum maternal health and well-being. Collaborative care is a model used by UI Health Two-Gen that integrates behavioral health care into primary care. Collaborative care improves physical and behavioral health outcomes, enhances access to care, is more convenient for patients, and improves quality and coordination of care. At UI Health Two-Gen, these services include counseling, psychiatric services, and education for mental health issues. 

Shaped by these pillars, UI Health Two-Gen brings together a cross-functional care team to provide primary care, behavioral health, care management, patient education, and lactation consultation services. In the model, visit co-scheduling, comprehensive screenings, and team-based care planning result in personalized and effective care for postpartum families.  

UI Health Two-Gen

Postpartum Care Model

Care Team

Primary Care Providers
Social Workers
Care Coordinators
Lactation Specialists

Care Delivery

Primary Care
Behavioral Health
Care Management
Patient Education
Lactation Consultation

How It Works

Co-Scheduling Visits
Intake and Comprehensive Screenings
Team Meetings, Trainings, and Clinical Support

UI Health Two-Gen often follows the blueprint shown below. Families, typically referred by other providers, are co-scheduled for an initial dyadic visit with the clinic. During that initial visit, families receive comprehensive screenings for physical, social, and behavioral health needs, the results of which are used to inform a care plan for the family. The family is then introduced to their care team, and they begin receiving high-touch primary care, care management, and behavioral health services as needed. Behind the scenes, the UI Health Two-Gen care team meets regularly to discuss the family’s needs and care planning.

UI Health Two-Gen is driven by a set of core values that focus on:

The UI Health Two-Gen effort is defined by the care team’s alignment with and embodiment of these values.

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