A Toolkit for Implementing Two-Generation Postpartum Care

Enhancing Postpartum Care in Your Organization

UI Health Two-Gen is just one example of dyadic postpartum care in use today (see Ohio Healthy Mom, Healthy Family and IMPLICIT Network); in fact, enhancing postpartum care using Two-Gen principles is likely to look different in every organization. Two-Gen can be adapted in many ways to fit into a wide range of organizations with varying resources and flexibility.

To help leaders of healthcare organizations envision a version of Two-Gen in their own organizations, the Toolkit focuses on each individual component of the model, outlining key considerations and potential alternative approaches to implementation. Specifically, for each of the major components of UI Health Two-Gen, we describe delivery of Two-Gen at UI Health, followed by ideas for what you can do at Your Organization, and provide a list of questions for Consideration to help your organization to move from here to there.

Two-Gen Care Delivery Components

How Two-Gen Works: Key Workflows

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